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Release date:
Xbox One: 12 June 2020
Switch: 12 June 2020
PS4: 26 April 2018
Vita: July 2018
PC: 27 February 2016

Nintendo Switch
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Spacejacked is a super fast-paced ARCADE TOWER-DEFENSE. Play as Dave, a lone technician tasked with protecting his spaceship from being overrun by aliens while it prepares to warp into hyperspace. Players who seek to experience a blend of action shooter and tower defense will enjoy this game!

Spacejacked is available on Steam, Game Jolt, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


  • Play through the Story Campaign and escape from the clutches of the evil alien scum.
  • Rescue scientists and unlock weapon upgrades!
  • Enjoy the even faster-paced Endless Mode and compete for highscore with friends!
  • Play Challenge Mode with demanding set-pieces only fit for the most hardcore!
  • Over 10 types of filthy alien scum! 7 arenas to defend!


Play the demo for Spacejacked on store.steampowered.com.


Spacejacked began as an attempt in 2013 to create a 2D metroidvania game featuring gravity manipulation as the core mechanic. As development dragged on, we realized that we were over-ambitious, and decided to build something much smaller. We created three small arenas, added the building of turrets as a mechanic, and threw in lots of enemies. We liked what we saw, and decided to expand upon it!

  • March 2014 - Development on Spacejacked began.
  • October 2014 - Official announcement made.
  • April 2015 - Spacejacked was Greenlit by the Steam community after 47 days.
  • September 2015 - Spacejacked won the Best Linux Game award in the Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest.
  • 26 February 2016 - Spacejacked was released on Steam.
  • August 2016 - Porting of Spacejacked to PS4 and Vita began.


Spacejacked: Gameplay Trailer (2018)  YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Best Linux Game award" - Intel Level Up 2015 Game Demo Contest

Selected Articles

  • "If nothing else, Spacejacked easily meets the most important criteria I have when reviewing games - fun. Its frantic pace, interesting take on the genre, and well-executed mechanics make for an enjoyable experience."
    - Chaz Miller, Twinfinite
  • "The mechanics in the game work so well that you don’t want to put the game down."
    - Eric Mortensen, Geeky Hobbies
  • "Build turrets, manage resources, shoot aliens, and die a bunch. It's that kind of game, and it's a lot of maddening, campy fun though it might also drive you completely insane."
    - Erik Kain, Forbes
  • "By mixing a 2D side-scrolling shooter with traditional tower defense, the developers have created an intoxicatingly addictive action game that perfectly transcends genres."
    - Cyril Lachel, Defunct Games
  • "My expectations were low, I was expecting a 30 minute session, maximum. Two hours later and my food’s burnt, I’m jumping between 3 different areas defending from alien hordes, while collecting scrap metal for my freshly developed turret obsession. Welcome to Spacejacked."
    - Marc Hemming, Big Boss Battle

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Steam Page
Spacejacked is available on Steam at store.steampowered.com.

Steam Greenlight
The Steam Greenlight page for Spacejacked is available at steamcommunity.com.

Web and Desktop Demos
A web demo and desktop demos of Spacejack's Endless Mode are available at gamejolt.com.

The Spacejacked development blog is available at forums.tigsource.com.

Announcement blog post
The blog post in which Spacejacked was announced is available at rottenmage.com.

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Rotten Mage is a small group of developers passionate about making fun and quirky games! Also, we're mages.

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