1. Our First Ludum Dare entry!

    Ludum Dare 28 marks our very first Ludum Dare entry! This simple clicking game was created under 48 hours by a team of 2, using haxeflixel. We originally wanted to make the game a little crazier than it currently is, but we had to settle for a simpler design due to time constraints and other commitments =(. That said, we had a lot of fun with this game jam. Can't wait for the next jam!

    Visit our Ludum Dare 28 entry!


    one-sec screenshot

    one-sec menu

  2. Hello World!


    We are a tiny team of enthusiastic, young developers eager to develop games of all shapes and sizes! At this point in time, we are still busy at work developing our first major title (watch for it!), which we hope will rock everyone's socks off! In the mean time, why not check out a quirky little web-based game we've made =)? It goes by the name "StandOff", is an odd little game, and we think that there's nothing else quite like it!

    We are currently seeking sponsors for StandOff, and will make the game publicly available soon.

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