1. Our Entry for Ludum Dare 31: H.T.P

    We took part in Ludum Dare 31 and submitted a game called H.T.P!


    Drawing some inspiration from Don't Move by Steve Richey, we created a silly little puzzle platformer with some emergent gameplay. We think it's cute, and had a blast making it. I think we're learning our limitations, and are getting better at limiting the scope of our projects and knowing when to cut stuff out. That said, there were so many more things we wanted to add. Maybe we'll do up a post-LD version.

    In total, we spent around 2 days making the game. The game was coded in Haxe with HaxeFlixel, art was done with Pyxel Edit, and sound effects with bfxr and Audacity.

    Visit our Ludum Dare 31 entry and leave some comments!

  2. Spacejacked!

    Announcing Spacejacked!

    Spacejacked title

    Spacejacked is a PC game where players control Dave, a lone technician, who has to defend against hordes of invading aliens. Through the use of his trusty blaster and turret building skills, he has to protect the whole spaceship from being overrun by aliens while it prepares to warp into hyperspace. Players who seek to experience a blend of action shooter and tower defense will enjoy this game.

    Build. Shoot. Survive invasion by filthy alien scum.

    Spacejacked is still in development, with a full release scheduled for Q1 2015.

    Spacejacked collage

    We've been working on Spacejacked for almost 6 months now. Spacejacked stemmed from a failed attempt at creating a metroidvania. Today, even though the game is still far from done, we're submitting it to the IGF, as this was one of the milestones that we had set early on in development. Here's hoping for the best!

    Follow our development via the TIGSource forums or via Twitter @RottenMage!

  3. Play Standoff!

    We finally decided to put Standoff up for public viewing!

    Back in September 2013, our team first got together to make games for a living. As we slowly got burnt out in the process of creating our first major title, we decided that a short break would help. We did a little weekend jam that resulted in Standoff, a game inspired by oldies such as Karateka and Urban Champion.

    We spent a few weeks polishing the UI of the game, but were reluctant to release it because the mechanic felt too simplistic. However, we never got round to improving the mechanic. As part of our attempt at the One Game a Month challenge, in order to improve ourselves, we present to you Standoff!

    Standoff banner

    Standoff is a highscore-based web browser game that pits the player against an endless number of mobsters in surprisingly calm and collected gun fights. Outwit the enemy to survive!

    Play it now on GameJolt or Newgrounds!

  4. Day X: An Experimental Game (Global Game Jam 2014)

    From 24th to 26th January 2014, we took part in the Global Game Jam 2014 as a team for the first time. Drawing inspiration from Terry Cavanagh's "Don't Look Back", we made a dark game about a man plagued by guilt and self-hatred as he goes about his everyday life.

    Day X title screen

    Day X is a retro-looking game where you assume control of a mentally disturbed man on his way to work as he avoids and kills the numerous monsters that plague his vision. Ultimately, the story is up to the interpretation of the players.

    Day X screenshot

    Day X screenshot

    Play Day X over at Game Jolt.

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