Rotten Mage is an independent game development studio located on a sunny island set in the sea. We grew up playing video games from the late '80s and '90s, and hope to bring that experience to new generations.

We specialize in web and desktop games, using technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, Haxe, Adobe Flash, and .NET. We develop original IP, but if you have an idea and are looking for developers, contact us!

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The Team


chinykian - code, art, game design

Chinykian is no stranger to the night. Fatigue has no hold over him. Hunched over his magical scrolls, he is prepared to work from dusk till dawn, weaving that perfect spell.

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cs - code, art, marketing

Not much is known about this strange soul, except that he works his magic under the cover of darkness. What sorcery goes on in the depths of his cavern?


jon - code, audio, web

Yet another strange soul who spends his time dabbling in the arcane. Incantations fill the air; sparks burst forth from his fingertips. What magic is he conjuring this time?

Friends of Rotten Mage


vicky chastan - art, game design

Vicky casts a spell; what were once random sketches on paper burst into life. What gives us joy, she ponders, as she scribbles yet another idea into her notebook.

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