There is something we should have announced here a few months ago, and it’s the fact that Spacejacked was Greenlit for Steam on April 17, 2015!

A lot has happened during these few months of development since getting Greenlit. For one, Spacejacked took home the Best Linux Game award in the Intel Level Up Contest and consequently was showcased at the Intel booth during the recent Pax Prime! Do check out the Hall of Glory!

A new release of the Spacejacked demo is now available on Game Jolt and Steam. Here are some of the changes, big and small:

  • More Metal at the start of game - this is done to better ease beginners into the game. Early playthroughs of the game showed several players running out of Metal way too soon.
  • Repairing cores now costs more Metal - done in response to certain players surviving into the late waves without really focusing on turret building.
  • Colored text in dialogue boxes - makes for easier reading, especially during the tutorials.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Subtle GUI changes.
  • We’ve also made Hugo, the hulking red giant alien, way more damaging than he was in the earlier release.
  • Complete revamp to the art and animation of turrets - we also took this chance to practically remove all delays from turret deployment and upgrading. It made little sense to have lengthy deployment times in a game as fast-paced as Spacejacked.
  • Challenge Mode - now, this mode is really hardcore, and it often requires player to approach the challenge differently (in contrast to Endless mode). In our latest release, we’ve included a small sample of the Challenge Mode.

Angry Hugo

Besides the changes above, there are other features and content that we are working on that require more time tweaking and polishing before we can show them. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy the new demo.

We aim to complete development of Spacejacked by the end of the year, and release it on Steam shortly after.